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Question What is the lesson learned?

Originally Posted by FlacoLove View Post
I'm feeling kind of Sh**ty... 'about 3 hrs ago, I took my Vulcan in this cold weather to the other side of N.Y.C. to go with my brother to pick up his bike (Busa) fresh from the body shop. It was slick! Beautiful in it's nice new paint job and mods; Immaculate! We race along; green light all the way, when these two A**h***s decide to cross the street directly in front of 2 oncoming bikes; my brother on the left lane, me on the right, of a 4 laner, '40-50mph... I'm about 2 car lengths behind my brother; I see the violators; I see my brothers brake lights, I swerve/pass, hear screeching metal against pavement, then the Busa passes my bike... without my brother on it. Before I stopped, I already had tears in my eyes. I U-turned, saw my brother walking and relief, coupled with PROFOUND anger possessed me. I was restrained (I'll leave it at that). Tourist; F&%*ing tourist who don't understand that RED means don't walk?!!! My brother is OK; like me, he wears full armour and, he was compensated for the damages. I really don't know what more to say... study Proficient Motorcycling? the fundamentals/the science behind riding two wheel vehicles? Understand & control emotions? Road Rage? People? I don't know... My brother is still alive; wow. I just don't know... and I don't want to think about it, but it's haunting. It just happened and it hurts. Ride safe.
Sorry to hear that your brother went down FL. But glad to hear neither of you were hurt. I tried to respond to this thread 4 times last night, but uncharacteristically I repeatedly managed to lose it somehow, so decided someone was trying to tell me to sleep on my reply.

I hope I can make my point without coming across as being critical or a know-it-all.

There is a forum on the Master Strategy Group entitled "Sharing of Lessons Learned".

It is dedicated to introspection of incidents/accidents or observations regarding things that happen while riding.
For example, what did the rider learn that make him/her a safer rider next time out?

While reading your OP, I had several questions that you did not address.
1. What was the posted speed limit of the road you were traveling on?
(Was 40-50 mph a safe speed to be traveling even if it was legal?)

2. Was there much pedestrian or motor traffic around the area?

3. You called the Don`t Walk light violators "tourists". Was it an area where you would expect to find tourists, or others more concerned with finding a store or restaurant, or inebriated patrons leaving a bar than watching where they are going?

4. In hindsight do you believe you were scanning 12 seconds ahead and did you recognize a possible danger? Why or why not? Maybe riding too fast for the conditions of light and traffic?

The two pedestrians who crossed against the light were definately in the wrong, but it was your brother who suffered damage to his bike, not them. We cannot control the actions of others, only learn to anticipate the worst thing they can do, and prepare to avoid them by slowing down or changing lane position, etc. Your anger is understandable, but is it possibly misdirected at "them" instead of your own errors, and those of your brother?

I don`t know either of you or the extent of your riding experience. At the end of your post you make some suggestions for self improvement and increasing riding skills. I recommend you (and all the rest of us too) do them all. Read Hough`s book "Proficient Motorcycling". Spend some time on the msgroup safety forum link above.

Now please take my questions as a starting point, and tell us what lessons you have learned from this experience. What should the two of you have been doing different to avoid this incident? We are quick to recognize the errors that others make, but it is harder to admit when we have erred ourselves.

Please take these suggestions in the spirit of love and brotherhood in which they are offered. We don`t have enough time (or luck) to make all the mistakes ourself. We have to share and learn from the experience of others too.


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