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Sadly, there is no true replacement bike for the VN750, especially from Kawi.

If you want a mid-sized sport cruiser, brand new, you're pretty much out of luck.

With the demise of the VN750 and other bikes like the Honda Magna, the mid-sized sport cruiser market is pretty much gone.

Most other cruisers now being produced, regardless of size or price, simply can't compete with the VN750 for its standard features and overall performance.

In short, that's what makes the VN750 such a special bike.

The major mftrs have, for the time being at least, decided that virtually everybody in the cruiser market now basically wants either a Harley copycat or a "factory custom" (e.g., Honda Fury, Yamaha Raider, etc).

Because of all this, I would suggest that...if you really like the VN750....that you shop around for one....using Craigslist, Ebay, etc....good, clean, late model examples are still not hard to find....especially in the current market and with cold weather basically already here (as of this writing, anyway) in parts of the US.

After you buy one, take really, really good care of it. Use your VN750 repair manual(s) and the info/resources in this forum to help you do this.

It may be quite a while before another machine comes along that's truly anything like our bike.....

Back in late summer of '06, I bought mine off of Ebay.....interestingly, my bike was originally sold from a dealer in Jerksonville, FL....

'05 VN750

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