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Originally Posted by electrum View Post
thats a lot of cash, but maybe i could justify it if i could wear it all the time as a normal winter jacket.

anybody have one of these?
are they comfortable enough to wear all the time?
It has been my experiance that most of the jackets they make now for bike riders are not that comfortable as every day jackets. The jackets are "cut" to fit well when one is sitting on a bike with their arms outstretched . so they just feel weird if you are not riding a bike.

I do not own this particular jacket, but did try one on. I ended up buying a heavier grade waterproof textile jacket instead...for alot less money...that I think will be much warmer (and be more visable).

I love leather, but untill I can afford an Aerostich Transit suit:


I'll stick with my waterproof, breathable , high vis textile gear.

The Scout is a really nice jacket, but I would not suggest is as a winter -off the bike coat.


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