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Originally Posted by VulcRider24 View Post
Yea a grand is about what I'm looking for. I paid $2000 for the bike and have dumped at least a grand into random repairs. Conveniently, I'll need about a thousand bucks to finish up my license, I'm SOOO close, just need to get current, learn how to work the G-1000 glass cockpit, bust out some solo cross countries, and finish my written. All in all I'm looking at about ten to fifteen hours until I'm ready for the check-ride.
Sorry if you know this already but this stuff helped me get mine. If you've been keeping up with the books, the written will be no problem. As it should be, it's mostly common sense. If you're getting back into it, consider brushing up on charting. You'll have to prove that before going on your cross countries. Blow the 70 bucks on an electronic flight planner, they're worth it. Cardboard E-6b's are a pain. Call the flight safty phone number (for your area) before each flight. Remember to get the weather at destination airports and make sure there are no NOTAMs. Your instructor should ask if you called. Get the aircraft ident before you fly and practice radio calls on your way to the airport. Last but never least: CHAIR FLY!!!!

And let me know when you get it, I'll toast you.

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