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Angry getting tired of my vn750

Ok, I hate to say it…but I am starting to wonder if my 86 VN750 is worth the trouble. I have never owned a bike that has had this many maintenance issues and constant problems. I am a pretty handy guy and can do a lot of mechanical fixes myself. BUT GOOD LORD. I have been trying to stop a stupid oil leak for months now. First it was the back ACCT, left bolt. I replaced the o-ring…still leaked. Used blue gasket sealant….still leaked. Now I am using gasket paper, which is doing better but not yet fixed. Plus, it is leaking from 1-2 other bolts right around that rear ACCT. Also….my second gear is slipping. What an annoyance that is.

Maybe I am over reacting…. I guess I will let a couple months this winter go by and decide then. I took a ride on my buddies Victory 1500 yesterday and it really was impressive. But……he paid BUKU bucks for his, I bought my VN for $300 and it wasn’t even running at the time. So I guess you get what you pay for.

But the fact still remains….after personal experience and what I here on this forum, every time I get on, these things have more maintenance than and old Harley!

Again….I want to stick with this ride….i was just hoping to get some more ride time than I did this year.

Thanks for letting me vent…lol


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