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Was left stranded...

I went for a ride yesterday to meet a friend halfway between Tallahassee, FL (where they live) and Thomasville, GA (where I live) which is about a 15-20 minute drive for either of us, needed to pick up the garage door opener for another friends house so I can get his Sporty to baby sit while he is in Afghanistan. I got just outside of Thomasville and noticed I was heading straight for a really ugly thunder storm. So, I pulled off in the median, shut down the bike, and pulled out my cell phone to call my friend and tell them to forget it for the day, wasn't going to ride into a thunderstorm, would meet up another day. All was good...

I start the bike back up, kick it into first, and begin to make a u-turn to head back home. Bike starts to pull forward as I begin releasing the clutch and twisting the throttle... And this is where it happened... I suddenly feel the throttle grip spin free and no acceleration... Somehow the stupid throttle cable came loose from the grip... Shut the bike down again, and pull out the tool kit... Got to remove the screws from the throttle grip housing in order to do a quick repair, all the while watching the thunderstorm moving my direction and hearing the thunder get closer and louder...

What do I find...? The screws are stripping instead of turning... Both of them... A Culligan man stopped to try to help, couldn't get the screws out either, a crotch rocket rider stopped to check on me to make sure everything was ok and that I had a way to contact someone... I ended up having to call my wife to come get me and abandon the bike in the grassy median over night until I can find someone with a truck to help me get the bike back to the house... So, this was yesterday afernoon and the bike is still sitting there, drove out there this morning to make sure...

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that while waiting on my wife to pick me up the storm caught up with me... Made me so much "happier"....

1990 VN750
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7683 original miles when I got it
7870 current (constantly adding more)
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Kuryakyn Iso Grips with throttle boss
Kuryakyn Iso pegs with heel rests
Windshield (not sure what brand or style, just look at my pic)
Leather Saddle bags
Leather t-bag
Mods since I got it:
Wet Battery
Many more to come...
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