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X2 to everything Bronson said.^^^^

At 3-4 K rpm it should be charging enough to keep the bike running.

Use a battery tender to keep it topped up when sitting for any period of time.

The bogging down and dying could be a blocked tank vent. (Phantom Out Of Gas Syndrome - POOGS.)

Try opening the tank cap to relieve vacuum in tank. Look for vent between hinge screws holding the cap to the tank. It exits at the nipple at the rear of the tank (under front edge of seat) and should be attached to a hose dropping down in front of the rear tire.

Clear the vent with compressed air or or WD-40. It can be plugged at the top or bottom. Watch for crap draining out the bottom.

Make sure the drain hose does not go to the emmision control canisters, if you have any. When the vent is working, you should be able to hear a small whistling or hissing sound coming from the tank after riding for a while.

We still don`t know if you have a MF battery or a wet one.
It will also help to know your battery voltage when running at 3-4 K rpm.

Hot and cold start problems are common, but usually much improved by installing MF battery and NGK Iridium spark plugs, #DPR7EIX-9.

Installing a voltmeter to monitor charging while riding is advised. If your stator dies, it requires an engine tilt or pull to replace it. Keep the stator clean and cooled with regular oil changes and keep oil filled to the upper level.

For more info on these suggestions, and others, read the link in my sigline.


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