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hmmm, $80 plus flat rate shipping that coincidentally brings the price up to damn near retail. This ad is from a "power seller" w/ 600+ feedbacks. That means this person/business is using ebay as their retail outlet on the web. Which is cool, and they do have a return policy, but as always...buyer beware. I tend to not buy things from people that charge flat rate shipping, it's cheating, if you ask me. If they want to be a business, they would charge actually shipping like a real business.

Flat rate shipping is such a scam on ebay, anyway. Sellers use it to get out of paying the listing fees for the actual value of the item. Plus it's extra money in their pocket. It's getting extreme too...people listing things like computer chips for "buy it now" of 99 cents w/ $26 shipping charge.

Jumps off soapbox---Anyway, my point is you need to look at the whole listing not just the "buy it now" price.
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