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Distance Traveling Tips....

I've taken a number of 2500+ mile trips on my VN750 over the past 8 years. I thought I would share some comfort tips and other wisdom that I have learned, for those of you who intend to take long trips.

1. The Airhawk Medium Cruiser seat cushion is a must. No butt pain at all, no matter how many miles I ride. Mustang (or Corbin, if you like) is good, but nothing compares to the Airhawk.

2. I got some pricey socks, but they are great. "Sokz" made by Cima International (www.real-rider.com) - I wish I could afford to have about 10 pairs. They also make "Bodz" and "Hedz" for other parts of your body. I haven't tried them yet, but I'd like to.

3. Jockey GoMesh Midway Briefs -- best riding underwear ever. Trust me, I've tried a lot of different kinds. Can't speak for the ladies, but guys should not leave home without them. They really do make a difference, especially on hot days. Anti-Monkey Butt powder is good stuff, too.

4. Get some rain gear. Including something for your feet if you don't have waterproof boots. If you tour, you WILL ride in the rain. It's really not that bad if you're dressed properly.

5. Stop often and "sniff the daisies" as grambo would say, and while you're stopped, drink something (non-alcoholic, of course). Not only does it help to keep you alert and hydrated, it allows you to enjoy the local scenery.

6. Seek out little diners in small towns instead of chain restaurants in larger cities. Ask for the special of the day. They usually have great food at very reasonable prices, and each one is a unique experience. Listen to the regulars that are sitting there drinking coffee and shooting the bull. They are quite entertaining!

7. Take plenty of pictures and keep a log, because you think you will remember it all, but you won't.

8. Talk to the locals. Every town has at least one old fart who "used to have a bike" and "rode the h*ll out of it" back in the day, and their stories are wonderful.

9. If you've never done it, try to get to the Tail of the Dragon, US129 at Deal's Gap in eastern TN. It's worth the trip.

10. Fill up with gas more often than you think you need to. Sometimes it's a LONG way between stations. And even if your GPS tells you there is a station up ahead, chances are it has closed down in the last year or two.

Happy Trails!!!!

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