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I asked the seller in the OP about the bar, and its going up for auction. Here is the description I was given, so keep an eye out for it.


if I wasn't running out the door, I'd put it up right now!

I'll probably set the starting price at $68.95 plus shipping & handling (packing).

here's the description:

One-of-a-Kind Vulcan 750 HIGHWAY BAR

Please read all tech info. below carefully before bidding:

This is from my personal custom Vulcan 750 I am parting out. I adapted a NEW highway bar for a Yamaha ST650 and custom-MIG welded mounts to adapt to the VN750. It was ALOT of work but looks really nice.

THIS HIGHWAY BAR WILL NOT INCLUDE THE FOOTPEGS--you will need to purchase seperately. Each footpeg side of this highway bar has a 1/2inch mounting hole with very sturdy mounting bracket reinforcement. I had #4425 Kuryakyn Pilot footpegs and #8061 Kuryakyn clevises for the footpegs mounted, but you can install any pegs that utilize up to a half-inch/13mm diameter bolt mount (or drill hole larger).

SPECIAL NOTE: the Vulcan 750 does NOT come with FRAME mounting tabs for a highway bar. The upper arms of this highway bar bolt onto the Vulcan stock air filter housing mount eyes on the frame (if you are using stock air filters, repositioning the filter housings will be necessary). For the lowers, I had MIG-welded mount eyes on the lower RIGHT sub-frame member of the bike I'm now parting-out, so I can remove that and include it with this auction-- but you will have to do something for the lower left mounting. Any shop can tack-weld a mounting eye on your frame for you, but of course, some might not bother to mount this lower left side at all. I'm sure there are special clamps available that have a mounting eye that would work for this instead of welding too.

THIS AUCTION IS FOR ONE HIGHWAY BAR (no footpegs) AND ONE RIGHT SIDE SUB-FRAME MEMBER. I will be happy to provide any tech assistance in the mounting or usage of this highway bar after the sale.

Payment must be received via Paypal only within 3 days of auction ending. Yes, I do leave helpful Ebay feedback!

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