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Sounds like your Float/Floats is/are sticking open and Your flooding out. Next time tap your carbs and see if it starts up faster.

Originally Posted by vulcanjoe View Post
I finally got the bike legal went to ride it home today. After 10 miles at 65-70 mph I got off at my exit the bike stalled and I had no spark. all the lights worked the starter turned over but all it would do is flood and backfire. after sitting for 10 to 15 mins and some cranking with the petcock off. the bike started right up. could this be an igniter issue. this is the second time it has done this to me. any help would be appreciated.


2002 VN750 Vulcan
Rebuilt Engine
ACCTs lubed w/TOC Springs
Pick-up Coils Gapped at .018"
Splines Lubed
Deka MF AGM EXT15L Battery
NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs
R/R Relocation Fix
New Rear Rack
Stock Seat Repadded
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