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Long story, opinions wanted

I commute 98 miles a day, 5 days a week and I'm on call 24/7/365. I recently purchased a '94 VN750 w/576 miles on it. This bike is still in it's break in period.
The Story:
A guy bought it new for his wife in '94 - '95. She road it once around their yard and dropped it on the front lawn. This scared her so much she never used it again. The bike was pulled into the basement and sat there for 14 years. A neighbor bought the bike for his son. He then had some stuff professionally done to it - Acid and milked the tank, changed all the fluids and cleaned the carb's. This was all done last year. His son didn't want the bike so he put it up for sale. The bike is pretty near to show room condition, visually.
Within the first 50 miles I put on the bike it started overheating. I parked the bike. I tried it again a couple days later while I was trying to trouble shoot the problem. But found that there was no problem. I could not get it to overheat. I figured it must have been a stuck thermostat. Well I drove the 400 miles with no issues until once again it overheated. I was baffled. After a lot of messin' around with thermostats, temp sensors and fan switches; I found that I must have had a air bubble in the system. Fixed.
The day I fixed it I rode it for 30 mile and it worked excellently. Two days later I went to start it and had some difficulty. It started with the choke all the way on (normally it didn't need full choke to start) Once running the idle was low and a severe lack of power. Upon investigation I found that I had pinched a gas line and it was leaking. I cut the line back to the pin hole leak and still had plenty of line left to hook back up with. But no change in the bikes poor performance. I had had enough, I brought it to a reputable mechanic. He found that one of the slides and butterfly valve were not moving. He said it looked like it had water in the carb. and then it sat for quite sometime. That statement would make sense to me if it didn't run fine for 400 miles. I don't get it??
So, now you know my story. Can any experts here give me some advice on what I should look out for; or do to it as preventative maintenance? Spline lube, Marbles, ACCT - MCCT? Knowing this bikes year and history what should I do ASAP? What can wait 'til I get more mileage on it. and is there stuff that I don't really need to worry about at all? The bike now has 976 miles on it, help me make it last.
Thanks in advance,
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