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Yes, it could also be leaking diaphrams. (I hate CV carbs) The part between the carb and the engine is called the manifold. It is supposed to be air tight, and completely sealed on both ends. If gas is leaking out, air could also leak in. The gas leak could have been caused by sticking floats on needle valves not sealing well, which could have corrected themselves with use. There might still be a small problem, or it might just be leaking gas when the choke is on at startup. But in any event, you have an air leak between at least the rear carburetor and head, which can cause all sorts of running problems. You can tighten the clamps and see if that helps, if not, you will probably have to replace the manifold.

As for the carbs themselves, before pulling them off and taking them apart ( taking them apart is easy, removing and reinstalling them is very tedious), try draining the gas out of them, disconnecting the fuel lines at the petcock, filling the carbs up with Seafoam through the fuel lines, and letting them soak for 24 hours. This might get rid of any remaining gunk in there that could be interfering with the floats, needle valves, and jets. It's worth a shot before pulling the carbs. Jerry.

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