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Everything I stock as far as I know. I have only had the bike for a month or so, so I have not torn into anything yet.

I see the adjustment screws on the side of the carbs, but isn't that only good for low speed? Or am I wrong?

I have worked on lots of carbs from single cylinder bikes before, so I have a pretty good understanding of how they work. Usually they have a pilot jet, main jet, jet needle, and airscrew that can all be changed/adjusted.

As I said before, I only feel the hesitation at 5,000 RPM. I don't feel it above or below that range. So, that leads me to believe that if I change anything I would need to richen the needle position. Main jet seems fine since over 5,000 seems to run good. Pilot seems fine as idle and low RPM performance is good. On my other bikes, the airscrew only effects the lower speed performance.

So, since I am not familiar with the VN750 carbs, I need some advice from someone who is. Could this be a synch problem? If I need to give any more information let me know. Thanks!!
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