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JC Whitney / Good or Bad

Last night I went to the jc whitney website for motorcycles and spent about 2 hours looking to see what they have. What I found are 11" shocks that say they will fit my VN750. I am wanting a set to lower the back a couple of inches. Does anyone have any experience with ordering from them and if their stuff is any good or plain junk. The shocks were priced around $55.00 / which seems too good to be true. The progressive shocks cost $256.00 and that's quite a price difference! If anyone has a set of 11" shocks for sale, I would be happy to purchase them or if anyone has another way that the rear can be lowered instead of using the shocks. Thanks....

Here's the link for the shocks / it's on page #2 about midway down the page:

95' 750vn
10,900 - Bought
Custom Straight Pipes
Jet kit / carbs re-built
Final Drive Serviced
New Plugs
Maintenance Free Battery
VN900 Seat
Turn Signal Relocation
Still have lots of stuff to do, just need the green to proceed! Oh, and momma's approval....

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