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Saw a VN750 today and :(

Was at a dealer, saw a VN750 in their service department. It made me sad.

Why? Simple. Based on the color, it looked like a 2006. But, in the 4-5 years the owner has had it, he's only put 822 miles on the bike.

Yup. Less than 200 miles a year. I'd rather ride 200 miles in an afternoon.

From appearances, the bike had been garaged. The disk rotors had a light sheen of rust, and a few of the nuts were rusty. If it had been left outside, the damage would have been far worse. The mirrors were gone, just the housing remaining.

Well, at least it's in a dealership, to get fixed up. Maybe it'll get ridden now? We can hope!

Bike in garage = waste of space
Bike on road = massive fun!

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