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Cool My First Year as a VN750 Owner

Just got my notice to renew my license plate sticker in the mail so it served me as a reminder that I have officially owned my VN750 for one year. Thought it would be a good time to reflect on how the year has gone.
I havenít had a motorcycle since I was 21 years old. I just turned 64 last July. I was very cautious about getting back into riding after all these years. Started out by getting some riding gear. Leather gloves and riding jacket with built in armor. The seller threw in a full face helmet as part of the deal and it fits perfectly. Started out riding around the small town where I live (3,500 population). Practiced cornering, stopping and taking off. The taking off part would have gone a lot smoother had it not been for the coffee grinder effect of my clutch. Went from the streets here in town to riding the roads along the farms and fields out in the country. Not much traffic there, roads are straight, so not so worried about making mistakes. Did make a few mistakes but nothing to cause me to lay the bike down or cause any harm.
During this time is when I found this forum. A wealth of information. Enough so that I began to wonder if this is the bike I should have purchased. You know, coffee grinder, splines not lubed from the factory, R/R replace, ACCT etc. Well happy to say that the only thing Iíve had to do thus far is to replace the ACCT with MCCT. Everything else seems to be working just fine and I have gotten used to the coffee grinder deal so that doesnít even bother me anymore. I just look at it as a part of the bikeís personality.
After having puttered around town and on the farm roads, I wanted to go on a small trip. Using google maps I plotted a route from Winnebago (where I live) to Galena, IL. I took a road named ďStagecoach TrailĒ. Apparently it was used by the stagecoaches back in the day and has plenty of curves. A very nice ride in the hills of northwestern Illinois. This ride was about 5 hours long but didnít cover very much distance because of the slower speeds required to take the curves on this road. I did notice at the end of the trip how tired my clutch hand was from all the shifting that day. This trip was around 160 miles.
Next, I wanted to get over 200 miles in a trip so I took to the interstate. This was a couple of weeks ago. I went from my house to Bloomington, IL. When I got back home I was just a little short of 300 miles so I went on down the road to the next town and turned around. Round trip was 303 miles that day. This was the most mileage I have put on a bike in a single day since a trip from Knoxville, TN to Daytona Beach, FL back in 1973.
The first thing I have found after riding the interstate is that I love the sound this bike makes at 5,000rpm. That keeps me at about 70mph or so.
The second thing I found is that you can only get about 103 mpg from a tank of gas on these things. Once the needle reaches the red area, itís time for gas. I found this out by having the bike begin to sputter and having to switch over to the reserve tank. It started sputtering again as I exited on the ramp. Made it to the gas station but Iím thinking that the only gas I had left was in the carbs. I do wish it had a larger tank just for the fact that if I do want to go on a long trip, I would have to stop every hour and a half or so to get gas. On the other hand, stopping that often probably isnít such a bad idea for a 64 year old guy. Need to stretch those legs occasionally.
A definite change I would like to make to this bike is to add some highway pegs. Any recommendations?

When all is said and done, the more I ride it, the more I like it.
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Thumbs up

Nice year and write up Gibby,look forward to many more,the older we get the sweeter they seem,especially those Vulcan rides. Take care.Oh yeah,I'm 61,hah.
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Thumbs up now this is the kind of threads I REALLY like!

nice write up. keep them coming.

these VN750's are really nice/good bikes. they just are. I have been thinking about getting a newer bike in the next few years. but here's the problem. I love my VN750 so damn much, I don't want to give it up! I can't seem to find anything that comes close to what I have now. maybe I should look a little harder, but nothing out there really does anything for me. when I do find one I think would be a good fit, I quickly find things that it doesn't have that my VN750 does. so for me to "upgrade", I'm gonna have to "settle" or "down grade" on the next bike. lol

for what you say about taking longer rides.......I have read many times, that a good rule of thumb of motorcycle trips should not be more than 300-400 miles a day.
also, riders should take many breaks while riding. it is very important to get off the bike and move around. also a great time to hydrate. also very important!
that's why I find it funny when I hear people say "I just wish it had a bigger gas tank, so I could ride longer/make less stops". people don't realize, that it is actually better/healthier for them to make the more frequent stops.

highway pegs are a must, for longer trips. I like these;Highway Pegs at Motorcycle Superstore - Motorcycle Superstore

I have 2 sets of them. 1 one on my VN750 and 1 set that I had on my wife's EN500 Vulcan. she liked them a lot too. I have them mounted on engine guard.

I totally agree, the more I ride my VN750, the more I like it!
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if it goes vroom or boom, I LIKE IT!

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If I could only stay in the saddle that long, been wanting to make a run to the mountains since I got the bike. Maybe next season, and I'll post a report with pics. You've got 5 years on me, but you sound pretty spry for an old guy.

If you don't want to do an engine guard for the highway pegs, there a 2-3 versions of homemade hiway pegs that look to work fairly well. I really like the Kury swing-wing pegs for the adjustability. Have considered some pegs, but figured it would be a problem with my back.

Another option is forward controls. It's a high dollar option unless you catch a set on ebay really cheap, and that does happen. The swing-wing pegs can be found dirt cheap also.

Here's a little known search engine, and it's great for Kuryakyn stuff because so many people misspell it. Though it can be used for anything on ebay, I just type in Kuryakyn then select "lowest price first" when I get there.

I always found those forward controls in the normal ebay search. Different company than Kury.

Another peg option, there are some with triangular plates made for Harley Sportster. The homemade ones I mentioned also use a triangular plate, they bolt up to the engine mount bolts.

2003-21k mi
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Yep, the motor has a "happy place" right around 5,000 rpms. You'll also notice anything higher than that it starts eating fuel a lot faster.
Do you have a stock seat? I couldn't do 100 mile runs until I got rid of that bastard, however I know not everyone's butt reacts the same.
You can make a set of highway pegs like mine (see my flickr link below) for about $30, from material available at Lowes or Home Depot. All you need is an electric drill, the proper sized bits, and some longer bolts where it goes on the frame.
Really doesn't matter what bike I'm riding, I want to stop every 90 minutes just to relax and stretch. But I'm an old fart too....

If You Are Not Sure If I Am Joking or Not....I AM !!Photos:
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hell my motor would be happy if I just fixed the damn thing

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Originally Posted by Knifemaker View Post
Yep, the motor has a "happy place" right around 5,000 rpms. .....
Every once in a while I can get a look of surprise from the sport bike guys. They drop a couple of gears and blow by me at 8000 rpm, then go back to cruising. Then it's my turn. They probably think I'm redlined at 5k. hehe

2003-21k mi
Shaved w/UniPK92+Stock Jets-TPE/MOSFET-Shinko Tires-AGM batt-bags-chrome-LEDs...more
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Ruger, same thing with me. I googled 10 most reliable motorcycles and found a wide range. I believe Harley's had a 45% chance of needing repair within the first four years. The Yamaha V Star series was lowest with an 11% chance of needing repair. I read up on the V Star and there is no Tach. I like my tach. The V Star is belt drive. I like my shaft drive. the V Star is air cooled. I like my water cooled.

Knifemaker, yes I have a stock seat. It didn't bother me too much. Took another ride yesterday (408 miles) and towards the end of the ride I tried a little experiment. I have what is basically a cloth satchel type thing that I think is used for carrying laptop computers. It's basically a zippered bag with a strap and handles on it. I attach this to the bike with a bungee and the bungee is attached at the helmet locks. This puts the bungee right at the bend in the seat where the sissy bay is located. I use this to carry small items since I don't have saddlebags. Yesterday on the way back I pulled the bag towards the front of the bike and left about 4 or 5 inches of the bag behind the bungee. I had taken two pairs of gloves with me. A summer pair and a mid-season pair in case I got back late. I tucked the gloves in the end of the bag towards the front and it hang down almost touching the riders seat. This gave me a lot of lumbar support and actually felt pretty comfortable.

Anyways, I took this 408 mile round trip stopping every 80 miles or so for fuel and water. Stretch my legs etc. Went from Winnebago, IL to Springfield, IL. Counting the time outs for fuel and stretching along with stopping to eat lunch, it was a 9 hour trip.

I have to agree. 400 miles is probably all someone would want to do in a day. I noticed my riding was getting a little sloppy towards the end.

One thing I wish these bikes had on them is a cruise control. I try to ride at 75 mph but the bike wants to go 85 mph.

One more thing. I noticed that when shifting from 1st to 2nd gear, I was getting a backfire. But only between 1st and 2nd when I was really getting on it. Tried to replicate the throttle control to do the same throughout the other gears but no backfire. Also a couple of times when getting off the interstate onto the exit ramp, I got a backfire from the right side cylinder. Maybe just need to run a little more Seafoam through the carbs.
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Knifemaker, I just checked out your photos. You are one talented guy!
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I "love" my 750. Ride 2-up with my gf. Together we weigh about 450 lbs. Bike handles us "great". I like the light weight and power of the 750. Also have an EN-500. It carries us ok but have to shift gears a lot in the hills. A "typical" ride for us is about 200 mi. I also love the sound of the exhaust on the 750. Don't know if it is stock or not. Don't know what "owner" i am. Suspect 3 or 4. The bike is "naked". No windshield, fairing, or anything. Just me breaking the wind. Keep thinking I want a "900" but they look so big and heavy. And.................... I love this forum. Lots of good folks and info here.

In God we trust. All others pay cash.
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