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Stuck float

Lets hope not! It seems to drive fine, the gauge never leaving the second hash mark. It runs a little warmer than the 750, but not outside of the normal range. I will pull the carb this weekend and try adjusting it. There was no fuel leak before I pulled the carbs when I first got, nor coolant leak. Could the increased pressure in the cylinder from the excess fuel cause this? Liquid always finds the weakest point. I didn't clean the tank or pull the petcock, so who knows what debris are in there. So much for flipping this! When I pulled the metal rod that holds the float needle, I just pulled it off, cleaned it, and tapped it back into place. I am unsure how to adjust the float, but I did what you had recommended last year, and made sure it was springy and moved freely. The float floated for 24 hours without sinking, but I did not check it for hairline cracks. There was no fluid inside when I pulled them from their bath and cleaned them. I will take better note when I go to start it today. The full can of seafoam seems to be working at least, as it is more responsive and occasionally gets puffs of black smoke with the back fires. I have noticed that the exhaust appears to have condensation on it. I didn't ear shave this one, and I plan on putting the sporster exhaust, since I am missing the left muffler past the heat shield. Could coolant be getting into the cylinder? Just spit balling here. It appears to drive fine, besides that I have used almost a full tank in 23 miles (revving it quite a bit, and keeping the rpms at 5k+ most of the time and A fuel leak)

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