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Stuck float

So I disassembled the 700ís carbs, and cleaned all of the parts with vinegar and brake cleaner. They came out brilliant. I replaced one of the float needles (the spring on the little brass rod seemed stuck), and the other one seemed okay, so I left it. I cannot remember which one was new, because I cleaned the old one and that looked new afterwards too. Then I let the floats sit in the vinegar over night and cleaned those as well. Afterwards, I replaced all gaskets and put it back in. I broke one of the fuel nipples while trying to get the carb out, so that was replaced with the brass one. That was on the rear cylinder. I lubed that up with Vaseline and beat it in with a rubber mallet (gently, it went in snug, but alright). The bike fired right up. Once I turned the petcock to prime, the hose around the brass nipple started spraying gas. I put a hose clamp on, and it was fine. Now the engine becomes so bogged down with gas while sitting, I can pull the plug and send out a torrent of gas and itíll start up, or try to turn it over several times to clear it. When that happens, thereís always a loud pop from the front cylinder before locking the engine, then itíll clear the gas out of the coolant tube on the right.

Another interesting thing I noticed, is that if it is running and I tilt the bike far to the left, the bike wants to die. If I do the same on the right, itís fine. My question is- what should I look for when I pull these bastards again? I poured in a full can of seafoam and have been riding like a jack ass, so everything should still be clean. Could the float be misaligned? I flicked it before installing, and it moved freely, the flog needle went into the tube easily.

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