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Patience! Take pictures of EVERYTHING! I laid all the parts out on a table, organized into 4 sections: left side, right side, front cylinder and back cylinder.
Watch the rebuild videos. The balancer wheel nut is reverse threaded.

A 18mm bolt can be used to remove the spark plug tubes, and to pry off the flywheel.

The only special tools I needed were crow foot wrenches (10mm and 12mm).

Follow the head bolt loosening order.

Download the service manual (someone here has a link).

Parts may take over a month to ship.

EBay is a great source for some parts.

Pick up some TB1207B (Honda Bond, Suzuki Bond etc). Smear a thin layer on the gaskets before installing.


Get a few cans of brake clean.

Be prepared to scrape at the old gaskets.

'89 VN750 Bought stock 4/12/18 @ 17805.9 miles $800. Wrecked once. 27454.5+ miles

Completed modifications:
Removed mufflers, straight pipes out of GB. 110/90 Front Tire. Pick-up coil mod. Shindengen MOSFET FH020AA r/r. USB Outlet + Voltmeter. Repainted Metallic Blue w/ new tank bages. Ear Shave (wo/ coasters) 40/140 NO shims 45MPG. MCCT conversion.

Planned modifications:
Custom LED turn signals. Windshield. Highway Pegs. (Possible) ignition adv. Tuxedo Mod. Ignition coil mod.
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