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Originally Posted by VN750Rider/Jerry View Post
Not sure what ISO has to do with it. Way back when I replaced the stator on my 2002, the rear tab broke off the rear heat shield. I used a Dremel with a reinforced cutoff wheel to cut a notch out at the bottom rear corner of the shield, then used a hose clamp to attach it to the muffler. It was barely visible. But you can find those parts on eBay. I also had to replace a right rear muffler because the weld cracked at the very front and caused an exhaust leak. I got a really nice one off eBay for $35.

Any metric bolt of the proper size will work just fine, but the shields themselves are bike specific.
Doesn't ISO mean "in search of"? If not I'm sorry

And this issue is the clamps and screws are so rusty I can't move them without breaking. I'll try your hose clamp method though, it sounds promising.
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