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Originally Posted by Neo View Post
Ok thank you for the input . I’ll do some more testing when I get home. The r/r was unplugged when I tested the stator Andrew it showed short on all 3 wires. I tested the r/r far as I could . I set my multi meter to diode, and tested each prong on the r/r one lead on positive, and read 1600-1700 on each. then I switch the lead to the negative and read only 500-600 on each. from what I read, It looked to me like it was ok. I ordered a cheap eBay stator to throw in for testing if it lasts cool if it dies hopefully it will last long enough to get the wiring figured out, and then Ill buy the better quality parts..lol.
Also I may have gotten some “luck” with this bike. hoping beyond hope I pulled The stator cover off and found that, to my amazement the previous owner had done. “the stator mod” so I shouldn’t have to pull the motor to replace it. I haven’t had to time disassemble it all to see how well he did but from what I seen it look decent
You’re in luck with the stator mod then. If the leads are shorted to ground it’s definitely shot. OEM is pricey but I get really good voltage readings even at idle.
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