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blowing main fuze

This has probably been covered, but I thought would ask anyways. I recently picked up a non running, 1994 vn750 with about 7,5xx miles . PO told me he parked it after some electrical issues. He told me it rode great until one day it just died. He changed the Main fuse And the R/R. And it ran for a week and then died again. So he Parked it.. after i got the bike home I put a new battery in and as soon as I switch the ignition on It would blow the main 30amp. I found some melted wires but nothing shorted. I was curious so I unplugged the r/r and there was life! everything turns on and even the starter engages. But if I plug the r/r back in, the main fuse blows as soon as I turn the ignition on .... I tested the r/r with my multi meter and far as I can tell it checks out.. he also told me that the p/o changed out a faulty stator. Is it possibly that the stator itself is shorting out and blowing the fuse ? I’m pretty handy with a wrench but I tend to get confused trying to understand electrical any help would be great.
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