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Well as time marches on, your odds of having problems do increase. Not sure what year your bike is, but keep in mind the average Vulcan is about 17 years old. The bike was pretty much unchanged since it release back in 1985 (35 years ago) thus its technology is still dated from then.

More modern Japanese bikes do have a good reputation for reliability. Especially those on the higher price end. The Vulcan was fairly cheap, and given
all the features it came with made it a bargain, so I donít want to say they didnít put much R&D into the bike, but itís possible. There are a few obvious design flaws, like the stator and R/R placement, and the seemingly temperamental and hard to service carburetors.

Itís almost like the bike WAS built to be difficult to work on. Donít get me wrong I loved the bike....when I owned it.

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