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clutch spring bolt

I'm at work right now, working on the 88 vn750 motor. everything is going well but I broke 2 clutch spring bolts (the bolts that go through the spring on the clutch hub).
first off, it didn't even seem half way to torque spec when they snapped heads off. i'll have to drill the rest out.
But, does anybody know what size those bolts are. All i seem to be able to find is a specific part number. but no actual dimensions.
has anyone ever replaced it with a non-oem specific bolt (something from fastenal or lowes etc)?
i also have an 85 madura motor sitting at home that I can cannibalize the bolts from if applicable. but i'd like to order new bolts tonight if no other option presents itself. otherwise i won't know if the madura bolts will work until 2 days from now.

nevermind, i found the size, (6x18 btw)
i'll delete this thread as soon as i figure out how.

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