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Originally Posted by Knifemaker View Post
If you want a fast bike, buy a fast bike. Donít care about the math, I, along with the general public donít like loud bikes. Running straight pipes with no muffler is just giving the finger to everyone else on the road. If thatís your intent, then donít be concerned over how much power you got on a 63hp motor.
You're absolutely right. No amount of mods (short of a super/turbo charger or Nitro) is going to make this a fast bike. Even then, might as well just buy a different bike!

I just enjoy knowing absolute numbers (2500 rpm) instead of "low end" torque. The joy (for me) is in the results, the math, and the modifications. I can't leave something alone. I have an itch.

I am louder than stock, but I don't need the loudness of straight pipes.

'89 VN750 Bought stock 4/12/18 @ 17805.9 miles $800. Wrecked once. 27454.5+ miles

Completed modifications:
Removed mufflers, straight pipes out of GB. 110/90 Front Tire. Pick-up coil mod. Shindengen MOSFET FH020AA r/r. USB Outlet + Voltmeter. Repainted Metallic Blue w/ new tank bages. Ear Shave (wo/ coasters) 40/140 NO shims 45MPG. MCCT conversion.

Planned modifications:
Custom LED turn signals. Windshield. Highway Pegs. (Possible) ignition adv. Tuxedo Mod. Ignition coil mod.
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