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The way I do it:

Turn bike off.
Put bike on side stand in neutral.
Hold left hand grip on handlebar with left hand.
Stand on left side of bike facing bike, with left foot next to center stand pedal and right foot next to rear tire.
Place right hand under chrome bar which is directly behind upper shock mount and directly under seat.
Stand bike up and balance against your right upper thigh.
Leave side stand extended to catch bike in case of losing control.
Losing it to the far side(right) is the worst case.
Press down the center stand pedal with the left foot and maintain steady pressure and balancing the bike until you feel the stand rest on its two pads. This is more difficult if the bike is off balance and only resting on one pad.
When you sense the two pads, you can then apply strong downward pressure on the pedal while simultaneously lifting the rear of the bike with the right hand.

To practice, it would be good to have someone stand on the right side of the bike to avoid losing it, until you master the technique.
If you have no help, then, do it next to a wall with boxes stacked on the right side of the bike to catch it if it falls.
You can leave the side stand extended throughout the process.

To get off the center stand, sit on the bike in neutral with hands on the bar grips and feet on the floor.
Then lean backwards and then heave your body forward and the bike will roll off the stand as you balance the bike with your feet.
It's best that the side stand be folded up when doing this.

PS: A question is not stupid when sincerely seeking the answer to an unknown.
What would be stupid is to not ask the question and get hurt or damage the bike.

"I need yo clothes, yo boots and yo motocycle."- Uncle Bob

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