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lol sounds about right. Done the same thing myself 😂. Right the only thing i can think of that i didnt clean was the jet on the bottom right in the picture. I was unable to get it out. Which jet is this and is it suppose to come out?
Pretty sure that's an air bleed and it's pressed in. Don't try to remove it, but shoot some spray carb cleaner, and compressed air if you have it, to make sure it's open. The carb cleaner should come out somewhere else.

Be sure to clean the tiny emulsion holes on the side of the main jet.

ok no prob. Looks like it might be blocked and id say the past owner tried to take it out as there is scratch marks on it. Im waiting on a rebuild kit to arrive so i might just pull it apart again and soak the whole thing in carb cleaner for a few hours. Hopefully that will loosen any hidden deposits that i can not get to. Thanks for the reply
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