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i will definatly check out the start button. Im sure i seen a few posts on that somewhere here. I tried it again today. Fully charged the battery, cleand the plugs, and drained the carbs. Got some backfire again. Then after several tries she finaly fired up. However it would not fire with the choke on. I had to keep twisting the trottle to keep her alive. As soon as i stopped reving it cut out. I played around with the mixture screw which led to it firing in the first place then when i played with mixture screw again it would not fire. Im thinking now more on a fuel issue than mechanical. It started and thats a huge step in the right direction.
Did you notice any smoke at all, or a gassy smell once it fired up?
yes and yes. It smoked like crazy at first. But then it calmed down. Does this mean trouble?
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