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Putting together a 94

I'm attempting to get a 94 put together with not a lot of knowledge of working on bikes. I've had a few street bikes through the years, I'll be 60 in December. And when I was young I rode and worked on my endro bike, keeping it together with duct tape and baling wire.
I did maintenance on my other street bikes and other minor work on them.
I do a good bit of mechanic work on classic cars and trucks, but I've NEVER done anything with a shaft drive bike. Or one with a radiator for that matter, but I only paid a hundred and a half for it, not to mention I got it from a good friend, who had at least made certian to drain all the fluids from it when he got it.
I've been having to put off working on it until I could save up some cash to do what I thought I needed to do to get back in the wind.
I've done a good bit of reading on here, reading the service manual and checking out utube videos. I've hit my first snag, and I was hoping y'all might be able to help.
I had to put a new clutch cable on and I adjusted I'm certain correctly, I haven't tried to start it until I know everything is going to be able to work.
It's in neutral and I can pull in the clutch and I can't get it to go in gear at all. Granted, there's not any oil in it, but it seems I should be able to get it in gear. And I'm wondering if possibly it would be better to pull the tranny and see what might be wrong there or as I've already said, I've never done anything on a bike with shaft drive, and I wonder if it could be something to do with it. I'm just not sure which route to go in in the morning.
Thanks for any help you can give me!!!
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