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Originally Posted by Spockster View Post
I was thinking on the lines of maybe a fiberglas or bakelite bushing, and fiber washers.

Have seen some electrical mountings done similar to this, but don't recall what they were at the moment. Alternators?
Thinking on it more, even if this fixes one short to the body, it doesn't protect against multiple shorts, so the benefit is fairly limited. If one turn has failed, the one next to it is probably on it's way out too. Might last a month longer than it would have before it fails anyway. Makes you wonder if they beef up the insulation on motors heading into space where a single failure REALLY matters. Earth-bound manufacturers could definitely choose to add more insulation between the windings and the core, or around each wire strand, but it lowers the efficiency of the system. Add in cost of labor and parts, and it's probably just not economical to do it that way.

Mdub, any chance you want to give it a try with your old stator?

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