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Need some help or advice
Hey all I'm new to this, but I have an 03 vulcan 750 and it's been out of commission for over 2 yrs. It seems to have issues starting and running without help. Once it starts the bike idles rough and if I try to run the idle below 1500 it stalls out. I've replaced the stator, rectifier, battery, spark plugs, I replaced the coils 2.5yrs ago just before it died. I've done an ear shave and checked the carbs to see if there sticking, but they seem to be ok. I did notice while checking for spark that the plugs on the front of the bike were turning black and the back ones were still fairly clean. I've run sea foam through the gas to remove any possible build up in the carbs and I've removed and cleaned the fuel filter, as I can't find a new one, to make sure the old gas was cleaned out of it. No matter what I try I still can't get the bike to fire up without help from either a jump or constantly pressing on the starter. It either eventually fires or kills the battery. Does anyone have any other suggestions to help me?
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