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Chris Allunario
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Throttle Won't Snap Back

Recently my throttle was extremely stiff on cold starts but would free up after forcing it a bit and then act normally. I lived both the push and pull cables and they now move fairly freely but it now acts like cruise control and needs to be manually returned to closed.

I can't see a spring on the push side which I believe is supposed to be there. Additionally, with as much slack as I can put into it, the pull side won't close all the way automatically. I can also rule out the pulley running at the throttle time since I've checked it and also it won't even operate properly when opened up.

Do I need a spring on the other side/can it be installed without disassembling the bike? Any idea what the problem is?

I plan to disconnect each cable at the grip and see if they move freely or return to check for cables rubbing.
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