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Originally Posted by mdub23 View Post
Okay so I think I know what the problem is. I got home today and noticed that gas was dripping out of my front carb intake. I switched the petcock to RES instead of ON and it immediately stopped, and I found gas pouring out of the vacuum hose.

Looks like a petcock rebuild is in order, unless anyone has suggestions on a better petcock?
You can search the forum for " TW200 petcock ", it's a manual type petcock from the Yamaha TW200.

Or you can get the rebuild kit on ebay, make sure you get the correct one. Some of the other VNs get mixed in with search results.

When mine went bad, changing the petcock settings didn't help, it flowed all the time, even not running.

Good that you found the problem in the easiest place to check.

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