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White smoke from breather and high, then low idle

So I've been getting this bike back up to snuff after about 5 years of sitting in someone's garage. I drained gas tank, put new gas in, new oil, new coolant, and it's been running pretty good for about 6 hours of riding over 5 days.

Today I'm taking it for a spin and go to grab the clutch and it holds its revs at about 3000 RPM. I downshifted thinking that the clutch was screwed up, but the bike was not in gear, was just idling high. After about 5 seconds of idling high, the idle then went extremely low, to the point where the bike was about to stall. I usually idle at around 1500 RPM.

Then, I noticed that there was white smoke coming from the front crankcase breather (I have an ear shave mod, so the smoke is coming out of the little filters I put on.

Only thing I did today was add some oil as it seemed a little low, but I think I might have put too much in?

I'm afraid to ride it again in fear that it might screw something up.

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