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Originally Posted by mmart View Post
This is what I was reading,


There’s a parts list
I see, said the blind man. it would have been nice to have that 9 years ago. lol

as I look at the instuctions, they show/tell you to remove the foot pegs. this step is not needed. you only need to remove the top bolt of the foot peg on both sides. you only have to remove and put back into place 4 bolts, 2 on each side of the bike.

the tricky part is the right side, with the exhaust/header pipe. that needs to be loosened and then you need to take out the bolt that is in the frame that is behind it.
the other 3 bolts are cake.

Originally Posted by shark88 View Post
The spacers "shim" it out a little from where the other pieces fit back on when installing it. Like the foot rests. You can use washers if needed.
yeah, what he said. thanks Sharkbait. I've read the same thing about the "spacers"/washers.

Originally Posted by mmart View Post
Ok fair enough, I just didn’t want to get stuck searching for extra parts that We’re as hard to find as the bar itself
not a problem. I hear ya. like I said, I put it on my bike 9 years ago, with only the bolts that are already on the bike and I haven't had a problem with it.

if it goes vroom or boom, I LIKE IT!
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