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Originally Posted by loneWolf View Post
I have done both mods already, blue wire and two wire mod. I do have a question I’m not good at reading manuals I have my book out (will upload the pics)

but according to #11 chart- I should take the ground on my multimeter and touch it to (M) and the positive to (B) and be able to see 10k ohms on my meter? Am I doing this correctly?

If so I’m not showing anything at all on g,m,d however if I was to use say (A1) and (G) I would see some ohms.
I have a strong suspicion (nobody has either verified or proved me wrong) that the published chart for the R/R ohm test is BACKWARDS. The Meter (+) and Meter (-) labels seem to be reversed. You should be able to put the positive lead of your tester on any A1,2,3 terminal and measure .2~.6kOhm with the negative lead on the battery terminal. The same reading should be possible putting the positive lead on the ground terminal and the negative lead on any A1,2,3 terminal.

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