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Charging problem maybe?

Ok so I recently got my bike going good enough to run it around town. Brakes need replaced so of course I kept it slow and short distances. I rode it around for a week or so about half mile trips at a time, if that. Just once a day. I stopped to get gas bike fired right up.

When leaving the gas station everything seemed fine like normal I went across the road shut the bike back off talked to a buddy for few and when I tried to start the bike it turned over pretty slow-dead battery.

I got lucky enough it just happen to hit and fire up so I went straight home. About 7 blocks down the road. When I got home I shut the bike off and tried to fire it back up and motor would barely turn.

I went ahead and put battery on charge newish -AGM- battery by the way, and bike fired right up when battery was done charging. I let the battery sit for a 3 days and checked the voltage it was fine.

So today I went ahead and fired the bike up and checked the voltage going to the battery.

At Idle shows-12.66v —— bike idles around 1k rpm

2000rpm shows about 13.62V

but anything over like 3-3500 rpms shows voltage dropping to 13.30V

Any suggestions? Surely that’s not normal I would think the higher the rev the more voltage not less.

And the speed limit in town is 20mph as a side note
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