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Originally Posted by Spockster View Post
Last set of atv wheels, I made about 10 passes with the truck on each wheel, turning the tire between every other pass. Also left the truck parked on the tire overnight a couple of times, and hosed the beads with 5-56 in the spot that was pressed down. When I came out the next morning bead was down. Tire shop told me to leave a little air in them next time, zipties wouldn't work on those. I trussed two of them up and immediately saw they weren't going on that way.

Semi tires seem to break easy with that bar. I think the beads are formed differently and the 90psi air keeps them on the bead. My Peterbilt tractor had 14 Alcoa wheels, had them all off/on in one day, I didn't want to do that again.

Road service would come out, peel both dual tires off and change tires leaving the wheels on.

What did you haul? My dad did cross country runs until I was about 15. He bought a reefer and started doing a produce circuit run from Los Angeles, to Northern Cali, then to Santa Fe and back to LA. Now he and his youngest brother run their dad's diesel mechanic shop in New Mexico. I spent a lot of time driving around the country in a truck rather than hang with my friends in the summer time.
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