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I bought an '89 for $800 (see my signature).
When I checked the spline, it was excellent. This problem seemed to be mostly on later model year bikes.

Of my mods, the only required one was replacing the R/R, and changing out my cam chain tensioners. Using an OEM R/R was FAR more expensive than aftermarket, and the aftermarket was a better quality one anyways.

For replacement parts, I had to replace the clutch cable as the old one was rubbing on the radiator housing. It also needed new tires. The o-rings under the gas cap started leaking, but that's a 5 min job under two screws. That's it! The rest of the work I did was all because I can't stop tinkering. As soon as I opened the carbs, I had to replace seals, but it didn't leak when I bought it. It was the act of opening it that caused the need for seals. I'm having brake issues, but it's because I decided to flush the lines and had problems bleeding the line. I never had problems cold starting, and only occasionally had issues hot starting.

I think it's an excellent first bike, if not a bit fast/powerful for just getting started. Jerry is wise to caution you about potential issues. He's very knowledgeable and has well over 100k miles butt time on this bike, but I'd say he's slightly pessimistic about it.

'89 Vulcan 750 Bought 4/12/18 @ 17805.9 miles $800
Purchased stock. Wrecked once
26980.4+ miles

Completed modifications:
Removed mufflers, straight pipes out of GB
110/90 Front Tire
Pick-up coil re-gapped to .020"
Shindengen MOSFET FH020AA r/r
USB Outlet + Voltmeter
Repainted Metallic Blue w/ new tank bages
Ear Shave (wo/ coasters) 40/140 NO shims 45MPG
MCCT conversion

Planned modifications:
Custom LED turn signals
Highway Pegs
(Possible) ignition advance
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