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Hey Guys! Im still alive. Barely haha. Went through a real bad motorcycle wreck in July of 2018 and Ive been off the radar for a while.
Life is going well and getting back to normal, and Im starting to wrench again, Have some updates for yall.

The 454 is coming along nice. Didnt touch it for a good year, came back with fresh eyes. Fixed some things I did wrong in the past,
and have a new vision for it going forward. This bike was initially going to be a gift for a little brother, but he has since picked up a
nice Honda Shadow, and the 454 is too small for him anyways.. Hes tall haha.

Ive decided the direction Im going to go is more sporty, almost a scrambler style, Instead of dropping the back and bobbing it out
like I did with the 750 I built. Id like to put a mean rear tire on it, custom fender, moto style bars instead of apes, etc.

On to the updates!

The 454 didnt have an ignition and I was hot wiring it to start it. I got a used VN750 ignition with a key off ebay for $35.
I found however that the 750 ignition had 7 wires, where the 454 had 5. After tracing the wiring diagrams, I found that
two of the wires were for functions that the 454 didnt have. (cant remember off the top of my head what they were,
Id have to dig up the manual and my notes to check again) I repinned the connector and stripped the extra wires out and
shes alive!

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