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Yes, indeed. Spring is here and I have been quite absent from this site over the winter and early spring. I did pull The Beast out a couple of weekends ago and fired it up. That went very smoothly, thanks to my battery, plugs, and Seafoam. I had started it up once in either December or January when it got into the high 50s, but not since then. Mine is a 1986, so I have a “prime” setting on my petcock. I still don’t have an exact science for that first startup, but it involves a little patience. In less than 10 minutes, though, she started up, blew a little gray smoke, and then settled into a reasonable idle. Fine ever since, like winter never happened.

I still haven’t replaced that front tire with the one I bought last season, so I can’t take any long rides until I get that done. I’m really not looking forward to it, but once I get over it and commit to doing it, it shouldn’t be that bad. And I’ll feel MUCH better about riding the bike with that new tire.

Welcome to the new season. I’m excited.

1986 Vulcan 750
Purchased June 2018, as a first bike.
Put 1,300 miles on it so far.
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AGM Battery, Iridium Plugs
SeaFoam does wonders, and I'm protected by Ride-On
Back tire: Dunlop Challenger.
Front tire: Dunlop Challenger, but about to replace it with a Kenda Cruiser.
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