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More noob question

Not new to motorcycles by a long shot but the 2003 Vulcan 750/27000 miles is my first Kawasaki.

The bike sat for a year or so at the dealer so am running Seafoam in oil for 200 miles and added
Seafoam to gas at each fill-up (all 2 so far) Oil change will be Castrol 10w-40 and Bosch 3300 filter.

Per the forum I've done this:
Changed the oil immediately after buying the bike. Nothing in the screen. Added Seafoam
Iridium plugs
New air filters
Greased the drive train
Installed TOC mccts to replace worn-out accts. Adjusted cold running until I didn't feel any slapping then
1/4 turn more when hot
Fixed oil leaks (one slight drip from rear CCT stud to fix)
Installed 1157 LEDs in taillights on bike and sidecar
Installed exhaust gaskets that were missing
Replaced mufflers that had the baffles removed (checked carbs, plugs still in, air/fuel screws not changed)
Checked the plug wells and other gaskets for leaks (none so far)

I will relocate the RR and lube the cables as soon as I can find proper lube. What else should I do to "improve" the bike beyond normal maintenance?

The bike starts immediately with choke when cold, starts immediately when warm and idles nicely. Great
take off and just 2-3 nearly inaudible pops when decelerating. Other than the worry about top end noise I'm happy.

Any thoughts/suggestions about more to do? (Be kind!)
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