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Clutch Slipping?

Hey ya'll,

I've got my '95 that I've been bumming around town on the last couple weeks and never really had a chance to open it up in 5th gear on the highway until recently. I was looking for some guidance/opinions from you guys.

It seems to be revving a little higher than I seem to remember so I adjusted the clutch lever as many of you have mentioned in other threads but I'm still concerned about possible slip in 5th gear. I'll explain the scenario below:

I'm in 4th going 45 mph to 50 mph and then shift up to 5th gear. The revs drop to about 3000 RPM and then quickly climb back to 4500 (and 5000) RPM before I get above 70 mph.

I guess I want to know what your highway experiences are with your bike (RPM's to MPH, etc.). I'm wondering if it might be time to change out the springs and clutch pack. FYI the bike has 17,500 miles on it.


Brandon Ollhoff
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Planned modifications:
USB Outlet + Voltmeter
LED headlamp
LED turn signals
Ear Shave (possible)
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