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I just did the draw test I got 0 amps with key off. 2.33 amps keys on so nothing that high, just the tail light and dash lights. The 14g wire comes off the frame from the larger 2 or 4g wire from the battery to frame. It's the first ground from the frame to the rest of the system. Like I said in the original post I'm getting voltage from the regulator but it's not making it to the battery. Does that sound like a damaged wire that's causing too much resistance in the ground wire which causes the heat, or is it possible that one of the components are jacked up but still appear to work? Also like I said I checked all the wires best I could they all check out. There is one that doesn't seem to have a connection to the ground wire from the rectifier. I'm not sure what it's for, is there a computer on the bike.
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