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Originally Posted by Knifemaker View Post
Well, I've never pulled wires out of the junction box, but I'm sure there's some here that have... that will eventually tell you an "oh why didn't I see that" way to do it....likely right after you've gone ahead and torn them out yourself
Yeah, I'm actually a little proud of myself that I haven't done that already. I've shown remarkable restraint. I have a few other things going on today, but every time I get a chance, I get my confidence back up and head to the garage to give it a try with another doo-dad.

Turns out all the paperclips in the house have gotten word of this mission, so they're all in hiding until it blows over. I don't blame them, because this doesn't end well for the paperclip. I assume I'll be tripping over them next week when I'm looking for a roll of paper towels.

I actually went to the grocery story to buy some paperclips. While there, I found a nice, narrow set of precision screwdrivers, which should give me the reach and the tight fit that I need. But I still don't seem to be flipping the right thing in the right direction. So I continue to just look at it like a dope for a while, and then eventually give up and come in the house and do something else.

I can't ride until the headlight is working, though, so eventually I will definitely run out of patience and cut the wire.
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