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I'll say this one time for you. Have been on this forum for 14 years. Was on the Yahoo Group one for over 2 years. It's been the overwhelming concensus of everyone who owns or owned a Vulcan 750 that a wet cell battery is crap for the bike, regardless of how well "it tests" and that the bike absolutely works better with an AGM battery. That is why it's at the top of the list on what to do when you buy one of these bikes.
So you can experiment all you want with your two batteries, but you're never going to convince anyone here a regular wet cell battery is "fine" for this bike.
There's a reason why an AGM is recommended here. Installing one in my less than a year old 2002 completely solved any hot start problems I had. This has been echoed here for almost 2 decades.
That's why this forum is here, so you can get useful information on improvements for your bike without wasting time and money trying out stuff on your own.
If you don't want to pay attention to what we tell you, that's too bad...

If You Are Not Sure If I Am Joking or Not....I AM !!Photos:

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