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Yeah, I really do need to get an AGM battery and an on-board voltmeter. Both of these are on the "first things you oughta do" list, and I need to do them. I do have a trickle charger, which is nice. It came with the bike. But like many things, I think it's controversial, because some say it's better to take the bike through it's normal charging and expending cycles, rather than to keep it topped off all the time.

A new battery probably couldn't hurt, and some sort of on-board voltmeter (whether the installation is as fancy as I want) would help me to at least have more information when I have trouble starting it.

You never use the throttle to start, eh? I just took the advice of the previous owner, when he told me how he starts it. When I got back, I noticed the idle was a little low, so I adjusted the knob a bit more. It's supposed to rain here tomorrow, so I'll probably take another ride later in the evening. We'll see how it goes.
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