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Snow-white plugs after full ear shave

My 2006 750 Vulcan, having sat idle for a number of years, would not go above 50 mph.
I had intended to leave the bike stock but when faced with the task of removing the carbs to clean, I elected to do the full ear shave.

I cleaned the carbs thoroughly and the bike seemed to run well after reassembly though I suspected lean but didn't get around to a plug chop until yesterday. One new plug in each cylinder and snow-white and bone dry, looking like they had just come out of the box and never been in an engine. Also, the engine has been running a little bit on the hot side with the temp needle just to the right of the little white temp symbol but never into the red zone.

Having read as much as I can find on this forum, I've decided to take out the 132 stock main and put in a 135 main and leave the pilot stock 38. A 40 pilot seems to me to be to big a jump in size.

Any suggestions?

Should I go with a 138 main instead of a 135?

Am I safe on the low end from being too lean with the stock 38?

If I keep the stock 38, how many turns out on the idle screws should I go to avoid being too lean on the low end?

I appreciate all the good contributors to this forum..... a wealth of information, invaluable for the maintenance of the 750V.

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