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I know you're asking how the KLR performs on the highway, and not the VN750, but that reminds me of one of my favorite VN750 videos. Sean from SRK Cycles does pretty good test drive videos of bikes that he's selling. Good camera mount point, good audio, decent insight into the bikes, etc.

Anyway, about a year ago he had a VN750 for sale, and a few guys (including me) had been nagging him to do a test drive video. He admits in the video that he hadn't been to impressed by the bike, based on its looks, and he clearly didn't know anything about it (he mentions at some point that the 750 and the 800 are basically the same bike with different sized engines, so obviously he doesn't know anything about the history).

But he took it out on the highway, and you can tell from his reaction that he was very surprised and impressed. Well, he also specifically said that he was surprised and impressed, but it's just really cool to hear his genuine reaction to how the bike performed.

He gets stuck behind a truck at a light and eventually shuts down the camera while he waits, but feel free to skip that whole part. Once they clear the light and he gets on the highway is the fun part.
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